Downtown Phoenix Companies With Offices At CO+HOOTS

Tony Felice Pr is consistently ranked among the top PR firms of our size by Ranking Arizona and Arizona Foothills magazine. TFPR provides consulting services to small businesses and international brands. Clients include Doreen Fang (finalist on The Next Food Network Star), Arizona Science Center, Hula's Modern Tiki, and the children's television show Max on Snax.

Tony Felice PR

Tony Felice

Our focus on products from locally roasted organic coffee to exclusive tea and delicious baked goods are the foundation of what makes us special. The bigger story is that we want to help Phoenix stand out in as many good ways as possible.

Greater Than Coffee

Tanya Moushi

eeko studio is a Phoenix-based, eco-friendly design and branding boutique committed to helping our environment. Our team of creative geniuses are not only experts in visual communication, but in sustainable processes as well. We encourage the use of sustainable materials (working with printers who are FSC-certified, printing on recycled stock, using alternative inks, etc.) and work to create projects that are organic, reusable or recyclable. And we ask our clients to also follow similar practices.

Eeko Studio

Jenny Poon

80/20 Records started out as a simple idea; 'What if we give 80% royalties to all of our artists?' Some labeled this as absurd, but in a world where music is produced, promoted, and distributed in the digital realm we feel this is a natural progression to the music business. Before starting the label, co-founders Mike Zimmerlich and Zach Nation created a music social networking site to support independent musicians. Witnessing the dramatic changes occurring in the music industry they decided to take a different approach, to create their own label. Throwing out the record label textbook, they developed ways to promote and distribute music for artists that use the latest trends in technology. In the meantime establishing philosophies and morals that they believe in to make sure that the label's best interest is with the artists.

80/20 Records

Michael Zimmerlich

Bookkeeping and payroll for small business superheroes. To schedule an appointment:
Let's get you back to your happy place.
Located in Phoenix, AZ, Accountingprose offers convenient and confidential bookkeeping and payroll service throughout the US. Our services are scaleable and work can be performed as frequently as you like. Simply mail, email, fax or upload your documents and we will take care of the rest.

Accounting Prose

Cristina Garza
(866) 477-9708

Artifex10 is a leader in landscape design with 12 years of leading design at internationally-acclaimed design firms. Eric Lennox established the progressive design studio Artifex10. His award wining designs are global and include Dubai, Europe and North America.

Artifex 10

Eric Lennox

While marketing my own startups I spent weeks researching PR, following successful entrepreneurs, and discussing strategy with PR professionals. Through the process I came to a conclusion.

Most startups don't know how to transition from development to PR and marketing effectively. PR Agencies are too expensive and most startup teams don't have PR expertise. I built AwareLabs to provide a bridge for early startups.

Gathering all I learned into a PR task list that every startup can complete, the same list professionals I spoke with use every day. The goal is to allow your startup to use funds more effectively once you do launch a PR campaign through a paid agency.


Paul Kenjora

AZPixels is a web development company established in Tempe, Arizona in 2001 by Brad Westfall. AZPixel's projects range greatly from small business sites to large Information Management Systems for the State. With high emphasis on usability, design, and data integrity, AZPixels has become a very well-rounded entity that tends to specialize in creating projects internally from the ground up.


Brad Westfall

Black Dog Promotions is a media and business development agency and also provides digital marketing and publicity consulting for regional and national brands. Black Dog’s team has a long history of success in the entertainment, sports, technology and finance industries. We have taken companies from concept to millions of dollars in sales and billions of dollars in market capitalization.

Black Dog Promotions

Scott Kelly

BlueMate produces a rapid prototyping BLE module based on TI's cc2540 chipset. We also offer proof of concept home automation products.


Lou Prado

Robin Bramman prepares companies and modern leaders with clarity and confidence to take their brand social and connect with their target audience for business growth and individual thought leader positioning.

Robin is a master certified branding professional and delivers keynotes on personal branding, webinars on professional branding and workshops on personal and business branding.

Get Clarity. Be Consistent. Start Connecting.


Robin Bramman

Data Driven Online Marketing Strategist and Problem Solver
Services include: Site Audits, Strategy, PPC, SEO, Data Analysis, Content Strategy, Google+ Local Expertise, Wordpress, Microdata Formatting for SEO Create advanced SEO strategies.
Evaluate website, traffic, content quality, usability, security, payment options, demographics of prospective customers when determining keywords and campaigns.

Christina Pruitt

Christina Pruitt

We help clients share their story across multiple digital platforms by merging compelling, entertaining content with commercial messages. Seth is putting the finishing touches on his sprawling, epic zombie screenplay, which he hopes to shoot in downtown Phoenix later this year.


Seth P

City Square Church is rooted in the teachings of Jesus and are seeking for where those teachings come alive in our modern contexts. We believe in the people and the emerging communities of Arizona, and in a Creator who gives us purpose, a Redeemer who challenges us to live into that purpose, and a Spirit who never lets us rest as we seek to grow together. We are committed to connecting people to God, each other, and creation for the transformation of our lives, our community and our world.

City Square Church

Brian Kemp

DigitaLaw is a micro/niche consulting business launched in 2003 providing multi-media presentation services for litigation attorneys.

Not just computer technicians, DigitaLaw has a unique blend of litigation and technology experience. Unlike many consultants, our expertise is based on over 20 years experience helping attorneys manage, prepare and try their cases utilizing technology. From the war room to the courtroom, DigitaLaw provides the technology and litigation experience to help you succeed.

DigitaLaw Trial Technology Group

Doreen Myles

DigitalMGMT manages high traffic website and offers services customized to their unique needs. Whether it's ad operations, sales, hosting, site speed optimization, development or marketing we help dozens of clients worldwide to improve their bottom-line. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus back on what they loved doing the most when their website began, creating great content for their visitors by letting us handle the rest.


Christopher Stark

Handpicked Android Apps delivered to your notification bar daily.

Droid Of The Day

Michael Wolfson

After completing my BFA in studio art, I have worked for the past 20+ years in and around advertising. I began as a writer, eventually combining my talents for writing and art to become a creative director and interactive director.

I launched Eight Trails, my website and online marketing consultancy, in January 2009, and now spend my days helping businesses get the most out of the Internet, through web creative direction and project management, web content, as well as SEO, PPC, and online display advertising. I've won Addy, Telly, Webby, and Swarthout awards (suck on that, Clooney).

But really I'm a work-in-progress novelist and poet trapped inside a successful advertising and online marketing consultant.

I play the guitar, write fiction, watch a lot of movies, search out new music, and go to see live bands in small clubs.

Eight Trails LLC

Ed Tankersley

Custom Web Applications

We work with small startups and large corporations to develop prototypes, launch ideas into beta, scale existing web applications and supplement internal development teams.

We Create Awesome Applications using Ruby on Rails
Flatterline helps bring your ideas to life. We work closely with you to quickly develop solutions that satisfy your business requirements and meet the needs of your customers.

Our agile development process ensures that your application is delivered on time and within budget with the features you need to make your venture a success.

Code Audits - You've spent time and money turning your idea into reality, but do you know the current state of your code? Is it maintainable, scalable and well-tested? Let our skilled developers take a peek under the hood, so you have the information you need to make key business decisions.


Curtis Miller

Provides technical/engineering solutions, including simulation, modeling, virtual tool design, and optimization.

Garrett Lim

Garrett Lim
(520) 730-2333

GO Consulting International specializes in connecting people to performance. We provide basic turn-key solutions to help companies with talent management as well as design and manage complex comprehensive programs including strategy, training, and diversity & inclusion. From recruitment, screening, and selection, to on-boarding and performance, we are your strategic partner for managing your most important asset: people.

Go Consulting International

Tracy Celaya

GreenBook helps over 1,700 global market research firms, facilities, and consultants generate qualified leads and increase awareness by reaching the largest audience of researchers and research buyers


Kevin Mulhare

Harder Development's passion is contributing to the development of downtown Phoenix by bringing outdated commercial sites to a successful modern standard. By applying sound design principles with more innovative concepts we strive to create spaces that speak to today's small business needs. Our goal is to create spaces that foster a sense of pride in the adjacent communities and spark a lasting dialog between the two. We seek to work with hip, modern businesses that contribute to the vibrancy and energy of downtown Phoenix's exciting renaissance.

Harder Development

Ashley Harder

Product designer Dean Heckler creates uncomprimised and elegant modern objects. Heckler Design's products including OneLessDesk, OneLessDrop, and WindFall for iPad are made in Phoenix and ship to customers worldwide.

Heckler Design

Dean Heckler

JE Hamilton & Associates provides quality & compliance consultative services in process, design, facility and clinical trials to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical device and diagnostics industries across the world. We are a global network of quality & compliance associates including scientists, former regulators and industry professionals sharing an extraordinary depth of knowledge about quality systems. Utilizing a structured problem-solving approach, all opinions are considered, researched, and analyzed enabling us to perform high quality, high value services for our clients.

JE Hamilton & Associates

Jennifer E. Hamilton
623-399-4903 x 801

Jill Richards is a commercial photographer based in Phoenix. She specializes in lifestyle, travel and food photography, but she got her start working at newspapers in South Carolina and Arizona. Her editorial work has been published in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler and Arizona Highways.

Jill Richards Photography

Jill Richards
(602) 421-0802

After spending the last 8 years doing web development full time for small companies and picking up side jobs along the way, I've recently decided to try freelancing full time. I'm still just getting started, but it's been fun so far, and I look forward getting better at the business development side of things.

The tech community in Phoenix excites me, and I'm always amazed by what people are doing here. I've recently started organizing OpenHackPHX and I look forward to meeting even more of the community through that, as well as through CO+HOOTS

Joe Fleming

Contract Developer

I work with a variety of clients to deliver considered and engaging design solutions for branding/identity, web and print projects.

Keith Finnegan

Keith Finnegan

I help organizations create communities that share, cooperate and collaborate in alignment with the organization's mission. I translate the mission into real communities by creating digital products that make that mission happen. I work with product development teams, helping find the right balance between the people that use new systems, and the machines that we use to build the new system.

I was raised an Army brat and love living in Phoenix Arizona. I'm married and have one child.

I completely love sweeping generalizations.

  • Digital Product Development & Digital Strategy

Larry Cummings

Levers provides forecasts of your website’s future performance using your Google Analytics data. Manipulate these forecasts and simulate changes to the sources that yield the highest returns for your business.


Daniel Valencia

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Localati is a real-life social network both online and more importantly, offline. We introduce great people to great local businesses. Have an event, business or want to meet some cool new people?


Scott Johnson

I'm currently a freelance marketing project manager helping clients with online business solutions.

Marcus Seiler

Marcus Seiler

The MAYES | WILSON & ASSOCIATES team advises conservation groups and other non-profits on board development, organizational effectiveness and strategy, training and education, and advocacy. We also work with conservation-minded real estate developers and companies, conservation groups, and land trusts on conservation projects, conservation business planning, building effective coalitions in support of projects, and creating protected areas to offset development Clients span a full continuum including newly founded non-profits, organizations with decades of experience, private land owners and companies, government agencies and well-staffed multi-state organizations.

Mayes, Wilson & Associates

Magill Weber

We at endeavor to influence modern living by exploring ideas and delivering forms that embody the changing realities of the way we live. Our quest is not limited to shelter; we solve problems creatively in effort to elevate the modern human condition.

Micro Dwelling

Mary McCormick

Nautilus Apps is your go to Technical Creative, Freelance iOS developer with an impressive portfolio under his belt already.

Nautilus Apps

Kyle Stewart

(480) 217-6172

We focus on creating custom websites for professionals, small businesses, and authors that are user-friendly, easy to maintain and easily optimized for search engines and social media.

Our websites are most often built with WordPress and SquareSpace, and we create for each client an unique web site that reflects their individual brand and meets their specific needs.

We serve clients in many industries including hospitality, health care, non-profit, and law firms. We also have a knack for creating custom websites and blogs for authors, and we love working with creative people.

Positive Element provides pro athletes, cheerleaders and mascots at affordable prices to you. You can book a pro athlete for: Birthday Parties, Private Parties, Charity Events, Fundraisers, School Events, Golf Events or just to hang out with you at a sporting event! was founded with the ambition to service customers for birthday parties and events. With millions of birthday parties annually, wanted to give another option for customers when deciding entertainment for their event.

Pro To You

John Bronson

Roger Williams Media is focused on helping businesses realize that with a website they can become their own publisher. We offer a variety of online content/media solutions from text, to video, to audio all focused on helping you to tell your story to your customers. From sales to support we help you look at your business from the customers point of view and then create the content to help them understand your product and service. Imagine having your best salesperson or support staff answering every call everyday? Roger Williams Media can make that happen.

Roger Williams Media

Roger Williams

Instead of owning a car outright, RubyRide allows you to use just the part of the car that you need through a tiered subscription service. Together with our app, you can schedule pickups, drop-offs, and more. And the more you use the service, the more we get to know you and your preferences. So, if you typically need a bigger car on Wednesday for groceries, we’ll have you covered.



Side Smirk is a boutique market research and strategy firm based in New York City. Our team has over 32 (combined) years of research experience across a variety of industries, products, services and brands.

In the past several years we have focused our business in the digital realm; using online research and usability methodologies to test and refine all types of content, websites and applications. Additionally, our team pioneered the effective utilization of social media recruitment, saving our clients time and money

Side Smirk

  • Our approach is custom and customer based, however each project is tailored to you and your goals. Consider us your research design architects.

Kevin Mulhare

In 2007, Pierre founded Sputnik Moment (formely Frazny Consulting), a new type of consulting practice with the goal of accelerating the mission of nonprofits and small businesses with Salesforce technologies. Pierre oversees all project implementations and brings his extensive experience in complex requirements gathering, Salesforce apex coding, data conversion and staff training.

Sputnik Moment

Pierre-Etienne Kaluzny
(646) 291 2136

SteelHouse gives our advertisers and agency partners the ability to use live consumer behavioral data to create and launch digital marketing campaigns both on and off their site in REAL TIME. With over 10 innovation awards, we have reinvented the way marketers use web analytics, making them actionable and relevant to real world shopping behaviors to increase brand engagement, average order values and lift in conversions.


Matt Rickard

TabHere founder Paul Kenjora is determined to bring back the old school tab with a modern twist. Paul says, "Looking into the future, the mobile payments space will naturally move to a tab like system emphasizing convenience and customer relationships, not technology."

All Artwork was designed by EEKO Studio lead designer Jenny. We wanted a warm 50's feel, like the good old days of milk shakes and cokes. Jenny exceeded our expectations with her designs. Woot for collaborating at CoHoots.


  • Reward Marketing
  • Virtual Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Rewards

Paul Kenjora

Teknos is a valuation firm which focuses exclusively on high growth companies in the information technology, life sciences, and alternative energy industries.

Within our specialties, we have experience in providing valuation support for many different situations, including stock option issuance, mergers and acquisitions support, goodwill impairment, financial and tax reporting, portfolio valuation, and litigation support.

Teknos Associates

Michael Brown

The Chic Spy is a whimsical blend of class and sass and always on the hunt for the hottest of hot - whether it’s exposing the next big heist, like bodacious baubles stealing the scene from yet another designer ensemble or investigating the looks of elusive red carpet celebs, those who are trés chic and those who merely shock. She never shows up to foil a fashion caper without being dolled up in her trademark orange trench, sporting oversized sunglasses, carrying a designer tote and flashing her handy-dandy magnifying glass. So be warned, next time you’re spotted out on the town; be stylish, be debonair, but above all, BE CHIC, because she's on a mission to uncover the chicest!


Mignon A. Gould

The Battery Bike Co. is an innovative company based on the green technology of electric bicycles (ebikes) for local transportation. Dedicated to providing low cost -- energy efficient -- sustainable mobility to those in the community that require it and to those that desire it. "GET THERE"

The Southwest Battery Bike Co.

Telpriore Greg Tucker

The Steel Cage is a pro wrestling website and podcast created by fans and for fans. We aren't 'typical' wrestling fans. We are educated and insightful, yet we still love to watch and appreciate pro wrestling for what it is: escapism and entertainment. Subscribe to our podcast and engage with us in social media to learn more!

The Steel Cage

Joshua Schlag

Data drives your business. I can help manage it. Whether you need to track your supply line, connect with services on the web, or feed data to a mobile device, you'll find I have the skills and tools needed to get the job done.


Brandon Mason

Twist Creations is Phoenix's foremost presenter of entertainment events, artists and festivals. Feel the entertainment!

Twist Creations Entertainment

Guillermo Betancourt

United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful nonpartisan network made up of 52 affiliate organizations in 25 states. We organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status. UWD’s current priority is to win citizenship for the entire undocumented community and end senseless deportations and abuses. We seek to address the inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant youth and believe that by empowering immigrant youth, we can advance the cause of the entire community—justice for all immigrants.

United We Dream

Urban Pioneer Tea is loose leaf tea company. Selling premium tea retail and wholesale, trying to create a main stream tea drinking culture.

Urban Pioneer Tea

Joseph Cuevas

I'm Vince Baarson [VB], a Visual and Interactive Designer, practicing Goal Focused Design to meet your brand, business and marketing objectives.

Vince Baarson

Vince Baarson

Western School of Science and Technology: A Challenge Foundation Academy exists to transform Maryvale by improving low-income west Phoenix students’ opportunities for advancement in the global technological economy by providing needed preparation for the academic rigors of college graduation leading to career success.

Western School of Science and Technology

Charlie Kaplan

So you've created something remarkable,
but how will you spread the word? Wired PR a Phoenix-based public
relations agency connects you and your message with the people who
matter most to your business. Our number one goal is to actively
engage your audience through traditional and new media
and community outreach initiatives.

Wired PR Group

Beth Cochran

Awesome Websites - Whether you want a quick basic website or completely-custom web app, a full-service one-stop-shop or direct access to a programmer, Zyphon has you covered. We've done work ranging from complete real estate websites to single-page eCommerce sites, from simple html-only pages to complex CRM integrations. Servers and Networks - At the end of the day, your business needs to work. In this day and age, that probably means your various computers need to work and be connected to the world. Zyphon makes that happen for hundreds of people, every day. Electronic Hacking - Take apart, reassemble, and make something new! Hacking is a good thing, and if you need some custom electronics or other real-world fabrication, give us a ring! Physical-to-digital stuff is a specialty!


Will Bradley
(480) 359-5593