Downtown Phoenix Businesses Near CO+HOOTS

The Welcome Diner is nine stool vintage Valentine diner in the heart of the Garfield neighborhood, Phoenix, Arizona. A place of hospitality, the diner is engaged in a farm to table mindset, a relationship with its guests and a desire to serve and grow.

District American Kitchen & Wine Bar features your favorite American comfort foods with a contemporary twist.

A Mexican restaurant located in the Garfield Historic District. CASH ONLY!

Multiple award-winning pizza in the Heritage Square!

Pizzeria Bianco

(602) 258-8300

Since its founding in 1970, Phoenix New Times has kept the Valley of the Sun's feet to the fire.

A British pub located in the Heritage Square.

La Tolteca Mexican Foods is a Mexican bakery, grocery and restaurant all under one roof and within walking distance.

This is a quick stop for a sushi lunch boxes and rice bowls at decent prices.

Enjoy Sushi

(602) 595-2880

Papa Christo's is an inexpensive lunch option just two light rail stops away!

Papa Christo's

(602) 261-7780

Coffee with a Conscience

Cartel Coffee

Space 55

Space 55


Film Bar

Film Bar


Alwun House

Alwun House

(602) 253-7887

Charlie D's Catfish and Chicken

Herberger Theater Center is home to Arizona Theatre Company, Actors Theatre, and Center Dance Ensemble.

Enjoy some golden brown southern fried chicken, smothered chicken or a pork chop dinner at Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe.

Matt's Big Breakfast

Baja Fresh is located two light stops away and is a popular lunchtime destination.

Athenian Express

Athenian Express


Great patio just off the lightrail.



YogurtiniĀ® strives to bring you only the finest frozen yogurts and toppings.


(602) 334-1053

Tilted Kilt, located in CityScape Phoenix, is a location to watch the game and have a drink.

The Arrogant Butcher is a Fox Restaurant Concept located in CityScape Phoenix.

Cheap, delicious Japanese food! Only open for lunch. They make their sushi fresh every morning so come 2pm, they discount their sushi to make room for tomorrows batch. Bulgogi and rice bowls!

Yasda Bento

(602) 254-7174

The Strand, located at CityScape Phoenix, is an Italian restaurant that serves pasta, pizza and the like to guests.

The Strand

(602) 253-1600

Fuego CityScape

Fuego CityScape


What makes Jimmy John's different from the rest is that it's honest, it's good, it's fast and a decent price.

Jimmy John's

(602) 688-8170

Located at CityScape, Five Guys Burgers and Fries serves burgers to their guests.

Located in CityScape Phoenix, PotBelly Sandwich Shop serves up sandwiches to their guests

Breakfast Club, located in CityScape Phoenix, serves hot breakfast to their customers.

Breakfast Club

(602) 354-7284

Chloe's Corner is a sandwich and salad restaurant located in CityScape

Chloe's Corner

(602) 252-7600