Coworking Frequently Asked Questions At CO+HOOTS

What if I need more than one desk?

We offer discounts for additional desks. Please contact us for pricing on additional desks for your company.

Is there parking?

Yes! Parking is first-come, first-serve. We have 1 member's lot with 10 spaces behind our building, 10-15 street parking spots on 11th and the lot just east of us on 11th has about 30 spots. We also recommend you ride your bike or take the lightrail. We are moments away from the 12th St. & Washington Stop (we are located at 11th St & Washington).

How many people can share my space?

Each desk space fits one individual comfortably. If you have another staff member that works with you on a daily basis, consider upgrading to a Full Membership, which gives you more benefits, or adding a desk (there are discounts for multiple desks). Each paid membership allows for unlimited guests. If you need to have a client in for a meeting or a few contractors work with you a few days out of the week, they are more than welcome.

Is there a short term lease? And for how long?

Every membership at CO+HOOTS requires a signed agreement. The agreement term can be daily, month-to-month, 6 months, yearly or multiple years. Month to month is $350 + 2.5% rental tax, 6 month is $350 with no rental tax as well as company signage and ability to submit projects to CO+HOOTS interns. 1 year leases are $350 with 10% off as well as company signage and ability to submit projects to CO+HOOTS interns.

If I have a "fly-by" or drop-in pass, where will I sit?

Hop on our three community fly-by tables seated in the middle of the main space. You can also use the lounge area and 3 pods for private calls which are on a first come first serve basis.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card (through PayPal) with a discount for paying 6 months and one year in advance. We also accept checks and hugs.

How do I sign up?

If it's your first day, sign up for a "First Day Fly By"
If you'd like to become a member, visit and fill out our member application and we will contact you to see if you would be a good fit.

Will I be kicked out of my desk if there is an event going on?

We hold regular monthly educational and community events for small businesses and entrepreneurs to encourage positive growth in Phoenix’s businesses. When these events occur you will know far in advance and are usually done after business hours (M-F 10-6pm). If done during business hours, these events will primarily be held in the conference room. As a member, you are always invited to these educational/business-building events.

Do I need insurance?

Each individual business is liable for their own property, thus each business should have their own insurance to cover any theft or damages for their own property. CO+HOOTS takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment while on the property.

When buying a drop-in or "fly-by pass", do I need to pick a date, is it good for only that day?

When you purchase a pass it is good for that day between 10-6pm, if you need to reschedule please contact You can schedule your drop-in here.

Is CO+HOOTS more cost effective than renting private office space in downtown Phoenix?

We believe so. Working together and alongside others is a huge value to us. You grow your network, you learn to run a better business, you share wisdom. We believe a thriving, inspiring place to work can improve productivity and increase innovation.

How does the coffee shop + shared office space situation work?

We believe that coffee + coworking go pretty damn well together and that's why we've added a sweet coffee shop called "GreaterThan Coffee" to our space. GreaterThan is an independently owned business residing inside of CO+HOOTS. We sure love their fresh brewed artisan coffees, teas, tamales and treats.

Are there any private offices?

Technically yes, there are 2 and they have rad car roll up doors (our space used to be an auto shop) but they are both filled by our Parliament Companies. The first is Tony Felice PR & Image Management and the other by Ubiquity PR and KWALL company.

Didn't you used to be on 7th street and Roosevelt?

Yes, we did and we moved. There is only one CO+HOOTS and it is located on Washington Street nestled between 10th & 11th street. Just steps away from the 12th St & Washington lightrail stop and a 5 minute drive from the downtown stadiums. We love it here and you will too!

Do I need to sign up for a tour?

Tours of the space are made regularly M-F 10-6pm by appointment, please email to set up a time or call 602-688-2825, thanks!

I bike to work, do you have a rack? a shower?

Yes, yes and yes. We love bikers! We have a bike rack just outside our space and a built in shower for your cleanly-convenience.